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of midway airport. another way for the city to lose money. the city just privatize the parking meters. $1.5 billion deal, 75 years, but the problem is this. they got all the money up front and the city spent all the money already, and now in the parking meters are out of order because they're tearing up the street they have to pay the company back. usually privatization does a better job of managing things like airports and the government tenders to do, but people in chicago are kind of wary about this. he wants to privatize midway airport. have a deal. ithey deal to do it for $2.5 billion. airports are huge generators of cash. the parking concessions, food and beverage concessions, rental car rentals, the places that do that tends to be a big cash generator. companies like to get in on that, i like to do it more efficiently. but here's the problem. don't get the money up front and spend it somewhere. say this time they will not do that, to be a revenue stream. instead of a revenue jumped to balance the budget. i guess we will see. ashley: just come it looks markedly orderly behind you gi
york city area, we have not seen the price relief other places in the nation have. >> no, we haven't. there was a little bit of almost an embolism that occurred when the pipeline shut down and we didn't get the normal flow of products from the gulf coast after sandy, a little bit from isaac too, so our prices here in the northeast are actually 10 or 15 cents above the lows for the year. and i suspect that may continue for a little while. on the west coast, we had a nice down trend, but today of all days, when a lot of people aren't even showing up, kind of like the giants yesterday, we're seeing prices actually move higher in california in a couple refinery issues. so that's going to be the hot market again in 2013. you've got an adversarial relationship between refiners and regulators and that doesn't add up to anything good. dagen: there's something very strange going on in terms of the wholesale market for gasoline and export of gasoline. can you explain that? >> yeah, one of the reasons the east coast has higher prices is -- and there's plenty of gulf coast product is the pipel
. lori: we will go live to chicago's midway airport. it could be going private as the city looks for new revenue. ♪ ♪ >> i am adam shapiro with your fox business brief. it was another down day for the markets. they continue to focus on the fiscal cliff. more americans are getting a better handle on their debt. the "wall street journal" reports u.s. households spent just over 10% in the third quarter of the year. that is the lowest level since 1983, according to the federal reserve. while the ultimate procrastinators are hitting stores today, retailers are also bracing for a busy day on wednesday. industry watchers say the lines were returning gifts will be as long, if not longer, then the lines consumers had to buy the things in the first place. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪ lori: how has the franchise industry than coping with the fiscal uncertainty coming out of washington? joining us now is nick powell. welcome. >> thank you. thank you for having me. lori: i have to imagine this is probably one of the most difficult times. w
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into brick-and-mortar sales. a couple of years ago, in addition to best buy we had circuit city. they're gone now. i think we'll see more of that. shopping malls are being converted to other purposes as increasingly americans will shop from their living rooms. won't always be that way. i can't try on a suit that way very effectively but there are lots of things i can buy that way. i'm sure it is that way for you your viewers. melissa: i bought every single thing online today. i didn't go into a single store. i'm so proud of myself. it is so much easier. i wonder we saw the total number trimmed back from estimates to 2.3 from 3.5%. do you think that is even optimistic? i think 2.5% growth over last year is optimistic give the pace of the economy right now? >> i don't because that is nominal growth. we've had some inflation and so forth. if we only got 2.5, that would be in line with inflation. maybe better. inflation hasn't been bad because of gas prices. i think we'll hit that. i'm homeful today will be a great day. melissa: what about that? have gas priced helped? we've seen them steadily gr
, constraints that would be imposed on their city officials. >> it's true. you know what? a lot of ignorance on our side about this. for example, people say you can't have a nativity scene on public property. i was told that by the city of new york education department. you need to sue me. while you're at it sue the new york city parks department. on 11 blocks from here 59th and 5th, life-size nativity scene on public property not surrounded by secular symbols that is entirely legal. if i put it on the grounds of city hall that gives a certain governmental endorsement. i respect that endorsement. this is open to artists, musicians, cat licks, protestants and jews. they have the biggest menorah in the world. good for jews. atheists have on about lying to us. don't believe their nonsensers you cleaned that up. bill donahue, thank you very much. >> okay. lou: great to see you. have a very merry christmas. >> thank you, lou. lou: farmers unite, chickens prevail. epa pressured to back down from horribly abusive is plan to regulate a west virgina chicken farmer. why is that important? because the
to best buy, we had circuit city. they are gone now. i think we will see more of that. shopping malls are being converted into other purposes. there are lots of things that i can buy online. melissa: absolutely. i bought every single thing online this year. i am so proud of myself. it is so much easier. i wonder, we sell the total number back, do you think at this point that even that is optimistic? >> i do not. that is nominal growth. we have had some inflation and so forth. 2.5 would be in line with inflation. maybe even a little bit better. i think we will get that. i am hopeful that today will be a great day. melissa: do gas prices help? we have seen them steadily going down. >> at the risk of aging myself, i was present when the first shopping centers were going up. melissa: how is that possible? >> i was back there. outskirts of new york city. we would write the subway into manhattan and do our christmas shopping. in those days, the big day was today. maybe we are getting that back this year. it looks like today will be a good day. melissa: my dad would always tell me stories th
educate kids and do a better job for less money. house said the -- city government left the park and dangerous mess and 12 private charity left it beautiful. also these ex-con max and they pick up the trash the government does not and after hurricane sandy there was a ton le
system, the federal government and the essentially local governments, counties, cities, they create airports in faa.nction with the what is happening around the country is like what i call if you build it they will come fallacy. remember that movie. that was fantasy. people don't seem to understand that, so whatde happens is aroud the country you have dallas-fort worth and atlanta, because the regions are growing, they are investing in their airports. gerri: a lot of developments around there. >> what is happening is in other places around the country they look at this and say they're spending money in the region is growing. if we spend money on our airports, our region will grow.e no. all these examples. gerri: mid-america st. >> and offload her to st. louis on the one hand and chicago on the other hand. governments ban spending $300 million subsidizing 300 airlines to do business there. all of them gave up with abusi business and don't have any flights out of a there. except occasional charter th flights. this is after 12 years, the county government has invested somethin
the else who goes to new york city with hopes of getting his dad off santa's not als. number two, the polar express based on that children's book of the same title may more than $183 million over its lifetime and the number one highest closing holiday film ever, how the grinch stole christmas from a holiday classic according to some, but not the original animated movie with boris karloff, the movie remake in 2000 with jim carrey. $260 million. let me tell you this. bin crosby is rolling over in his grave because the best holiday movie ever was white christmas. i watch it at least twice every season. love it. have you do, too. still to come, my "2 cents more" on christmas angels. despite the uncertainty, wall street seems to have a good year and a lack of some of the one is next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz you've always wished for, now for an exceptional price. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 glk35
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)